1. Night Club
2. KTV singing club
3. Dance floor
4. TV Show Back gound
5. Stage,Disco Club
6. Outdoor building,fridge




Abrightled DMX RGB LED strip utilizes a direct DMX512A signal to control a pixel by pixel programmable flexible tape light via the software of your choosing. The red, green, blue diodes can be mixed to potentially produce over a billion color rendering options. This model requires 12V power from both ends, is cuttable every LED, and mountable using 3M adhesive tape. 4-pin XLR connector included with every reel.

Product Photometrics – Red, Green, and Blue Diodes

DMX512 (also called simply DMX) is a communications protocol standard used to control lighting, effects, and other intelligent fixtures. The foundation of the DMX512 protocol as a professional communications standard allows a variety of fixture types to be controlled by a single controller, regardless of manufacturer.

“DMX” stands for “Digital Multiplex”, while the “512” refers to the number of control channels that can be used on one network, called a “universe”.


DMX systems have near limitless applications. Often used by professionals for stage lighting and effects, DJs, and nightclub owners, DMX systems are now also being used in architectural lighting. A DMX system is very powerful and can provide you an unprecedented level of precision and control over your lighting. With our RGB fixtures, for example, you can use DMX control software to fine tune the mixture of red, green, and blue light to exactly match a specific PANTONE color. (Such as your business’s official corporate colors.)




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